Wednesday 23 April 2014

It Had to Happen: Website Revamp

Our website is currently undergoing a major refit. Let's face it- it had to!

My first attempt was functional and somewhat cute, if not spectacular. So now we've got the professionals in - Yellow Spade Design. They helped us create our stylish bottle labels, flyers and gift pack designs, so it is very apt and nice of them to take up the mantle of designing our web pages for us.

An example of Yellow Spade Design's fabulous work for us!
 So please be patient whilst we undergo this work. You can follow this blog for the latest news. Our Twitter feed now links into this blog rather than the website.
For those of you looking to buy our beers online, this can still be done at:
and also at our dedicated page on the Beers of Europe website:
as well as at our other outlets around the UK.

1 comment:

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